September 14, 2020

Enrok’s Price Promise

Imagine this scenario.


You’ve finally made the decision to build your own home. It’s something you’ve always dreamed of and you’re excitedly sharing the news with family and friends. So, you find an architect, get your plans drawn up, call in a construction firm and get a quote. Happy days. Well it is – if the price you’ve been quoted, is the price you end up paying.

When it comes to quoting for new construction projects, there are two forms of contract. A Design and Build Contract, which generally means the price you’re quoted is the price you pay. And traditional contracts. Out of the two, it’s traditional contracts that can prove the trickiest. Why? It all boils down to the attention and detail of your drawings because that’s what your construction firm will be working from. They need to be absolutely sure that the drawings will work in practice – before your build starts.

You don’t want setbacks cropping up part way through your project – there isn’t enough light coming into the kitchen, the position of the stairs needs to be changed or, there are complications with the foundations. These are classed as variations to your drawings – either additions or omissions to the original scope of works. Variations typically incur additional costs. Suddenly, your £500,000 budget starts to increase steeply and rapidly.

Building your own home is likely to be the biggest expenditure of your life. At Enrok, we work differently. Before we do anything, we’ll use our expertise to go through your drawings with a fine-tooth comb and let you know if we think something won’t work. We want to be sure that we’ve fully ironed out any potential problems upfront. If we spot something that’s likely to cause an issue, we’ll talk to you about it – and we’ll make sure it’s included in our price package. This is how we deliver on our price promise – we do our homework.

There are times when we’ve been priced out of the market by another Principal Contractor and you think ‘how on earth have they been able to go in at such a low cost’. And this is the reason why – once the build begins, any changes at all to your drawings will be classed as extras and cost you money. Of course, there are genuine variations, but having to fork out many more thousands for your dream home, can suddenly start to take the shine off.

The old cliché, cheap and cheerful, doesn’t really work in construction. That’s why we work with a very good Design Consultants – and why we’re completely transparent when it comes to pricing. When we cost up your project, we’ll make sure we’re as cost effective as we can be – without ever compromising the quality of your build. The price is the price – there are no hidden costs and that’s one of the reasons why the clients who work with us, stay with us. A price promise is quite rare in construction.


Interestingly, more and more private clients and UK developers are moving away from traditional contracts to Design and Build Contracts. That’s because it allows us, as the Principal Contractors to provide an all-inclusive stress-free construction service – which is a far better option.


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