February 22, 2021

Building your own home? Do you want a Main Contractor or Building Firm?

Building your own home is a big-ticket item and likely to be the largest expenditure you’ll ever make – as well as being an incredibly exciting venture. In fact, around 15,000 people do it each year. It’s not always obvious though, whether you want a building firm or main contractor to help bring your dream to life. Both have their merits; and whilst there are key differences, there are some overlaps too.

We’ve sat on both sides of the fence. When we started our business in 2012, we were a building firm working mainly with domestic clients. Now though, having found our niche, Enrok is a main contractor. Most of our work comes through clients who want us to develop multi-house sites or single high-end projects, with a value ranging from £250,000 up to £8 million. Occasionally though, we’re approached by an enthusiastic homeowner who wants a small one-off house build, home extension or some internal remodelling works – which isn’t our line of work.

We still want to add value though, to the people who pick up the phone and talk to us. So what we do, is help them to understand the differences and guide them in choosing a reputable and accredited building contractor.


Working with a Building Firm

Let’s say you’re downsizing and want to build a smaller home or, looking to develop two modest houses, then a building firm would be a much better fit. But if you’re looking to construct a large dwelling with a lot of architectural detail, then we’d steer you in the direction of a main contractor.

A building contractor will…

Whilst there are many very experienced and reputable building firms to choose from, who will do you proud, sometimes your project would be much better in the hands of a main contractor.


Working with a Main Contractor

Usually, you’ll work with a main contractor on larger construction projects, which in our experience start upwards of £250,000. These are big and busy projects with a high contract value. Think of a main contractor as ‘headache removal’. As a client there will be very little, if anything, for you to do, apart from focusing on the desired end result.

A Main Contractor will…

Whichever route you decide to take, it’s always smart to do your homework. In our experience, recommendation and referrals is most definitely best.