June 15, 2021

Come fly with us…

When you ask someone what they love most about their job, you’ll often hear them say ‘the people I work with’. We spend a big chunk of our week with our colleagues – probably more than our nearest and dearest – so getting on with them makes a massive difference.

It’s more than this though. It’s about having people on the team who understand and respect each other, it’s about sharing the load and the same work ethics – as well as a laugh and the occasional chocolate Hobnob. That’s why we put a lot of thought into how we recruit. We want to bring the best people on board because (sorry, I can feel a cliché coming on…) the right team fit and attitude makes us so much stronger, engaged and happier. Well, that’s what we think.

Over the last 4-months as Enrok continues to grow, we’ve recruited four new people. Simon and Liam joined us in March. Simon’s our Operations Manager and Liam is our Site Manager. Our Hartshill Project Manager is Matt and we’ve just recruited Jonas as our Site Manager for Regan Way – he starts on Thursday. There will be more on Matt and Jonas very soon! We’re also in the early stages of recruiting for a Quantity Surveyor, as well as two freelance roles for a Planner and Estimator. That’s why having a robust recruitment strategy is so important (thanks Jas Darar!).

So, what’s it like working for Enrok? Well, we could step in and tell you what we think, but we’re going to let Simon and Liam speak for us here.

Okay Simon, over to you. ‘For me, it’s the culture that appeals. I have ease of access to Jordan and Laura; I can talk to them when I need to, which makes my job a whole lot easier. Plus, the team know each other – we genuinely all get on. It’s a challenging and rewarding role – I wear more hats than a hat shop. But I love the fact that I get to influence all areas of the business and that my opinion counts. I feel confident that I can progress within Enrok. They’re good people to work for. Jordan and Laura work hard together and their leadership is engaging and strong’.

…. and Liam, what do you think? ‘With Enrok you get a team mentality – we’re all in this together and we’re all accountable. There’s no blame or passing the buck. Working with Laura and Jordan within a dynamic progressive company is great, they’re genuinely nice people to work for. Each day brings something new and different – and the variety of what I do makes my job so much more interesting. I also get recognition for a job well done – and that means a lot to me’.

We didn’t have to bribe them to say these nice things – honestly! But we’re so pleased that the people who work for us, feel as if they’re valued. Although everyone has a defined role, these roles are fluid – there’s room to grow. They can put their own stamp on a project – as well as the wider business. We don’t do structured and rigid unless we’re developing buildings. Take Simon, he’s come to us as an Ops Manager, but he knows there’s a future opportunity to move into an Ops Director role, as he works with us to steer and grow the business.

We want the people within our team to flourish and be able to demonstrate their true potential. Each person has their strengths and when we combine these, they form a greater whole than the separate sum of parts. Which is why, when we’re interviewing, we bring the team into the process. We want them to meet their potential teammates – plus they might observe something we haven’t. When it comes to agreeing remuneration packages, we look at the individual and what’s important to them – it’s not always the actual salary. Sometimes, someone may want more annual leave if time with family is top of their list. Another person may prefer flexible working. It’s about transparency and understanding what makes someone feel super-valued. After all, it’s about the shared goals – and that’s what unites us.

Having said all that, Jordan is adamant his charm and charisma has a lot to do with it… and since we’re a friendly bunch, we don’t want to burst his bubble!

Hobnob anyone?