July 16, 2021

You’re married… and you work together?

How on earth does that work?

It’s a familiar question to be honest. And the answer is… surprisingly well, given that Jordan and I are like chalk and cheese. In fact, it’s our recipe for success – as we play to our individual and synchronised strengths.

And we’re not on our own. If you ask Google how many UK businesses are run by couples, you’ll see a pretty impressive number – around 1.4 million!  So, it’s probably fair to say that a husband-and-wife team can go together like the proverbial ‘horse and carriage’. We’ve been working together now for nine-years – totalling more than 3000 days – and in that time, we’re super proud of what we’ve achieved.

Here’s how we make it work:

I think I’ve said this before, I used to wrestle with being part of a husband-and-wife team. Not now though. We’re much more than that. We’re a family run construction firm with a respected and recognised brand, backed-up with an incredibly talented team. That’s why our clients work with us. We’re not just passionate about what we do – we’re good at it.

Although Jordan and I are like apples and oranges – it works brilliantly. Don’t get me wrong – there are times when I’m trying hard to concentrate on something and all I can hear is Jordan breathing. Pretty annoying really. Still, I wouldn’t change him for the world. I wonder if he’d say that about me. Jordan….