October 19, 2021

Hartshill Surgery to become a ‘centre of medical excellence’ legacy

The Nuneaton News has just published our story on the new doctors surgery we’re developing in Hartshill.

The project has been commissioned by Dr Bal Sidhu, a local GP in Nuneaton, who wants to leave it as his legacy for the local community. When it’s completed, this new 15,000 sq. ft medical centre will replace the ‘too small’ current surgery on Chancery Lane.

Dr Bal explained that the new centre is needed to keep up with demand in the area. ‘There are several new housing developments in the area and the existing GP practice is too small, it doesn’t have extra capacity, and it’s not adequate for expansion. I’ve been in the area for over 30 years as a GP and want to leave a ‘centre of medical excellence’ as a lasting legacy, which I believe the local community desperately needs.’

The development is being built on the former Michael Drayton Middle School annexe land, on Church Lane. It will broaden the range of patient services including GP and nurse consulting rooms, reception and waiting area, treatment rooms, physio, group and holistic therapy and an on-site car park. An independent pharmacy will be on site to help streamline services.

Enrok were first contacted about this medical centre in the summer of 2019, so after two years working on the project, we’re excited that construction is now underway. It’s a fantastic new development that will improve access to health and care services for people in and around Hartshill. For us, it’s another great community project that we’ve started in the last year, and we’re looking forward to seeing the building take shape over the coming months.

This construction management project is costing in excess of £3 million. We’ll keep you posted on developments.

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