October 28, 2021

Interview with Matt Shelley

Matt’s one of our Project Managers. He’s been chatting to Tracey Wright about his first few-months at Enrok.

Okay Matt, so what’s been keeping you busy?

Wow – where do I start? I have no idea where those four months have gone – my feet haven’t touched the floor, but in a good way!

Hartshill is my core project – the development of the doctors surgery in Nuneaton, which is going really well. We’re working with some very good contractors, and in the next week or so, the steel framework installation starts, which is an impressive structural design. It’s great seeing the building finally come out of the ground.

I’m involved with our Regan Way and Ashbourne projects too, so I’ve been darting down to London and across to Ashbourne. But that’s what makes this role so appealing – the net is cast wide. I’ve been involved with the programming and planning for some new commercial units – and right now, I’m designing and budgeting for two residential schemes in Leicester and Birmingham. So, I hope the next phase is as interesting as this – I have a feeling it will be.

What’s the best thing about working for Enrok?

Two things. Wearing a variety of hats – and the team, no question. In previous roles, I would’ve been solely focused on one project and that’s where I’d have stayed. But at Enrok, I’m part of the senior team supporting the business to grow. I attend senior management meetings, I’m involved with developing new processes, and there’s a lot more pre-construction work – so now I’m there from the start of the project and will see it through to the end.

The Enrok team are totally great to work with. The culture here is inclusive, open and honest, and when big decisions need making, the whole senior team are involved. We come to a conclusion together, which is great for bringing everyone on board and driving the business forward.

What did you do before?

I’ve been in construction a long time; it was twenty years at the last count. I’ve worked for some of the market leaders in construction, leading large teams to deliver multi-million-pound projects for some well-known brands. I’ve experienced a fair few sectors – manufacturing, retail, education, probation and multinational consumer goods.

I’m also a proud member of the CIOB – I think it’s important to keep myself up to speed with what’s going on in the industry – so, trends, best practices and changing standards.

What do you do outside of work?

Golf and long-distance running. After a long time away, I’ve recently started to play golf again and I’m aiming towards registering a handicap this year. I also try and enter a couple of 10k runs a year. Last year, I did a virtual Lands’ End to John O’Groats with my cousins and brothers to raise money for the Lingden Davies Cancer Fund Trust. They’re based in Shrewsbury and do some cracking work supporting local people with treatment and care.

I’m also currently converting my VW Transporter into a camper, with a view to some staycation weekends away next summer. On top of this, we’ve just bought a new restoration-project family home, so there’s never quite enough hours in the day for the ever-growing list of jobs!

My two children keep me on my toes as well. They’re full of energy from the moment they wake up to the time we get them to bed – but I think that’s probably the same for anyone with kids!