December 23, 2021

Before we say goodbye to 2021…

Where did the last twelve-months go? I think we probably say this every year! But, with just a couple more weeks to go before we wrap up 2021, we’re taking a glance back at some of the year’s best bits. Here they are…

Charlotte – Quantity Surveyor

I’m in the perfect role! Since I stepped onto Enrok soil in August, I’ve been enjoying the challenge of all the current projects we’ve got going on and working through lots of new experiences. Especially all the commercial and industrial work we’re now doing, I love being able to dip my toe into something new. Enrok are also sponsoring me through my Chartership with RICS, which I’m really excited about. I started it in October and hope to complete it within 12-months. I’m looking forward to seeing my first handover with Enrok and then getting some new schemes up and running in 2022. Longer-term, it will be great to be a part of expanding this flexible and adaptive business along with the rest of the Enrok team.

Jordan – Managing Director

It’s been a roller-coaster, for sure. But in lots of ways, it’s been an amazing year too, with massive growth beyond anything we imagined at the end of 2020. We remember that year well! For me, bringing on board our very experienced senior team this year, has been the proverbial game-changer for Enrok. The number of tenders and projects that have come our way from new and existing clients for commercial and industrial construction projects, has changed everything. We’ve got some very interesting projects lined up, so it’s fair to say I’m very excited about the months ahead.

Matt – Project Manager

I love a target! Especially when we’re ahead, which we are on our Hartshill project in Nuneaton. So, the highlight for me is achieving completion of the structure and ground floor ahead of Christmas. I’ll be able to relax easier over the festive break now and focus on revamping my camper van. For 2022, I want to play my part in growing and developing Enrok even more than we’ve done this year. Will we be doing a similar blog this time next year? (We are Matt, so you’ll be able to talk targets again!)

Laura – Director

Where do I start? So much has happened. But for me, my top three definitely includes recruitment, marketing and business development. We worked really hard to develop a robust recruitment process and it worked brilliantly for us. We brought together Simon, Charlotte and Matt to create a strong and talented team. Our marketing is something I’m really focused on – and proud of. The consistent and creative messaging we’re putting out there has given us some great PR coverage, we ran a competition earlier in the year in conjunction with our Ashbourne Pavilion project and involved the children from three local primary schools, and we’re always getting amazing feedback on our social media. This then plugs into our business development – it’s definitely working because we’re starting to increase our recognition across the industry. We’re clear about our message, who we are and what we want to achieve, and we’ve got some plans for next year which will help us to branch out into different areas. You can tell I’m the one that likes to talk, can’t you!

Simon – Operations Manager

It’s about growth for me, definitely. When I look back at 2021, by working as a tight-knit team – we’ve grown a really strong team, which has allowed us to deliver some great projects with some really fantastic clients. This has helped us to realign and steer the business into new and broader sectors. For 2022, growth is the key word again, for sure. I’m looking forward to working with the senior management team to guide and develop the business even more. The focus is going to be on new opportunities, developing ourselves and learning, and positive recruitment. Exciting times ahead!

We’re ready for you 2022! But first….there’s still people to see, places to go and parcels to wrap!