James Hughes
Director and Designer, A2 Architecture
What I respect about Jordan are his core values. He’s honest, hardworking, collaborative and cooperative. He’s a genuinely nice guy.…
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David Rahal
Chartered Surveyor and Property Developer, Malvern Homes
Jordan’s ability as a construction contractor is excellent. He has in-depth knowledge and experience in construction. His ideas are innovative…
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Adrian Jones
Director, Severn Property Ltd
Excellent, that’s how I would describe the workmanship of Jordan Mallisch and his team at Enrok Construction. We’re not talking…
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Damien Siviter
Group Managing Director at SevenCapital
We have found Enrok to be a company of sound morals who deliver. Jordan has been conscientious, caring and hardworking…
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Dave Wood
Secretary, Ashbourne Sports and Community Partnership
We selected Enrok Construction to build Ashbourne’s new 'Pavilion in the Park' because they met a specific criteria. One of…
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Oleg Chulkov
Director, Regan Lofts Ltd
We’ve been impressed with Enrok from the start of the Regan Way development. They’re a very professional and experienced team…
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