Dave Wood

Secretary, Ashbourne Sports and Community Partnership

We selected Enrok Construction to build Ashbourne’s new ‘Pavilion in the Park’ because they met a specific criteria. One of which, was satisfying the funding organisations, Derbyshire Dales District Council and Trustees. Enrok more than satisfied those needs.

In all, there were six contractors bidding for the contract, based on benchmarks set out by the Partnership. Six then became two, after reviewing the bid proposals.

Enrok impressed us with their professionalism from the start of the process – it was evident throughout their bid proposal. It was the professional touch. To give you an example, Jordan was prepared to work with us pre-contract. He got involved with quite a few meetings and different requests for things, like producing a detailed program, which you wouldn’t normally expect until you’re in contract. Jordan was happy to discuss any aspect of the project with the Board of Trustees, there was total transparency and he gelled early on with the team – he impressed us.

As you would expect, price was a major consideration for us, and we had to do a lot of value engineering to get the work into our ballpark. Jordan worked with us to minimise those costs and to firm up the specs.

Enrok’s website and social media presence are very professional. When we picked up the phone to talk to people in the industry about Jordan and Enrok, we were hearing some very reassuring and complimentary comments. It’s fair to say, they’re serving us well.

What we’re getting with Enrok is premium quality, they have very good attention to detail and a high reputation. Jordan is from Ashbourne too, and his eldest son is at the local primary school – so we know there’s a sense of pride there, to be doing something so worthwhile for the community.