David Rahal

Chartered Surveyor and Property Developer, Malvern Homes

Jordan’s ability as a construction contractor is excellent.

He has in-depth knowledge and experience in construction. His ideas are innovative – he has an ability to solve problems. One of his recent developments was converting a listed building under strict guidelines, and he came up against a few problems – I could never have thought of the solutions he came up with.

I’ve known Jordan for many years. I’ve worked with him and I’ve recommended him to clients – feedback on his performance is always outstanding because he completes the projects on time and on budget. But it’s more than that. He’s straightforward. He’s currently working on a development for us. His cost came in slightly higher than other contractors. He said: ‘I can’t do it for less’. But here’s what’s interesting – you know with Enrok, the price is the price. They aren’t going to come to you later in the project and say there are additional costs. This has been noted too, by clients of mine who Jordan has worked with. And that’s very reassuring and quite rare in construction, I have to say.

I work with Jordan because he has a high level of personal attention and I’m completely confident in his ability. As a developer myself, I’ve recommended him as a contractor to other developers and the feedback is always the same – ‘he’s performed exceptionally well’.

I wish Enrok Construction every success.