James Hughes

Director and Designer, A2 Architecture

What I respect about Jordan are his core values. He’s honest, hardworking, collaborative and cooperative. He’s a genuinely nice guy.

When you add to the mix his impressive portfolio of projects, it clearly demonstrates his proficiency at a certain level. His ideas are refreshing, and his quality of workmanship is what sets him apart from other similar firms in the industry. Enrok Construction is a relatively young company, so Jordan is ambitious – hungry to grow – which is why he goes above and beyond. Plus, he’s reasonably priced.

I work with Enrok because of Jordan – it’s him I’m buying into – and I genuinely get on with him. He’s trying to make an honest living and I like that about him.

Enrok’s communication is very good. There are too many builders out there just building homes and delivering a product. But you need to deliver much more than that these days, otherwise it can become a barrier to attracting others. This is why Enrok stand out – they build homes with attention to detail, homes that create a lifestyle – real homes for living in.