Oleg Chulkov

Director, Regan Lofts Ltd

We’ve been impressed with Enrok from the start of the Regan Way development. They’re a very professional and experienced team and exceptionally easy to do business with. But it’s more than this. They’re a genuinely great team to work with. Since we started the project, we’ve formed a real team collaboration. They know exactly what we want and they’re delivering it.

This is a city centre site in London, and so naturally, it comes with challenges. The build itself is challenging – there’s not a ‘spare inch’ of space to build outside the building footprint. And then there’s the logistics – Enrok are managing the subcontractors and deliveries perfectly. They’re also mindful that the development is within a residential area; and with careful planning and attention to detail they’ve made sure that there’s no disruption to the people who live and work nearby.

Something else which has impressed us, is the tidy site they keep, which is essential with these types of builds. We see this as being respectful to the local community and to the residents who have a bird’s eye view of the ongoing development from their own windows. We’re looking to work with Enrok again – on another tight city-centre site in London. This time, the development of 23 apartments and a basement, in the new year. Yes, these sites can be demanding and complex, but Enrok has proved to us, there’s nothing they can’t overcome. We can’t recommend them highly enough.