Adrian Jones

Director, Severn Property Ltd

Excellent, that’s how I would describe the workmanship of Jordan Mallisch and his team at Enrok Construction. We’re not talking about simple house builds, but intricate building designs. That’s why I’m planning on working with them again, two more times this year.

Jordan has a fine eye for detail. He’s very good at making suggestions to further improve the properties we’re building. Occasionally, there’s a crossover between the build and the drawing. When the Enrok team are on site, they can see how something within the design can be changed for the better – so, they’ll get on and craft it, during the build. They’re forward thinking and offer solutions.

Something else they do extremely well, is offer suggested cost savings without ever compromising on quality – so, the look and feel of the build at the end of project is still outstanding. They’re a very capable property developer with a very good team of labour. What they offer is a more personal service – and their communication is instant. The great thing about working with Enrok is that I don’t have to go through ten people to get to Jordan. Their communication is very good and so is their reliability.

In terms of price, they’re competitive. There’s the added bonus when they’re onsite of getting better value with the obvious expertise they bring as a developer. If I have a problem, Jordan handles it well and finds a solution. We work well together on site and he has a good relationship with a broad range of suppliers.

On a recent project, Jordan and his team were converting a Grade II listed Chapel into five apartments. The Chapel is within a residential area. The neighbour emailed me to say that the way Jordan and his team worked, was good for community relations – they were clearly doing a very good job, polite and courteous. I’m always happy for emails like that to pop into my inbox.