0 years
We’ve been in the business for a combined 23 years. We’re no spring chickens when it comes to building houses. 
The number of properties we’ve built. Could yours be 94? Could it be 95, 96 and 97 too?
Number of individual projects
The most valuable
contract we’ve worked on was worth £3.45m with a Gross Development Value of £7.5m. 
In total, the value of all the projects we’ve worked on is around £16m.
0 tons
We’ve used 679,270 bricks across all of our projects. That’s nearly 2,000 tons. So we know our way around a wall. 
0 Staff
There are seven of us in the Enrok team.
We can call on over 40
tried, tested and trusted sub-contractors to work your project.
TESTIMONIAL “Excellent – that’s how I would describe the workmanship of Jordan Mallisch and his team at Enrok Construction. We’re not talking about simple house builds, but intricate building designs. That’s why I’m planning on working with them again, two more times this year.”
Adrian Jones, Director at Severn Property Ltd. View Project
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